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Digital X-Ray Imaging

Digital X-Ray of Failed CFL (compact fluorescent light)

We currently have digital x-ray capabilities.  In the past, xray images were produced using a x-ray source and Polaroid film.  Now that Polaroid has been discontinued, we have upgraded to new method.  

Unlike Polaroid which had to be developed, our method collects the image off our reusable collection sheet via a laser scanner and then generates a digital xray image.

Since the sheet is reusable, the cost of doing x-ray work is significantly decreased and allows for adjustments to be made, such as exposure time, without wasting any film.

Xray imaging of samples can provide useful information without having to alter or destroy the sample.  Several examples where xrays are useful:

  • Fire Debris – locating and identifying material components in fire debris

  • Product Failures – locating cracks in material, identifying relative locations in component systems prior to disassembly. 

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